Advancing Digitalisation and Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

We are pioneering cutting-edge technologies and nurturing innovation to retain our competitive edge. Better technology is helping us transform business and processes to improve efficiencies and customer experience. Innovation is accelerating product stewardship and in seeding niche product areas.


Cumulative Patents filed


Plant Variety Protection (PVP) in the process of registration under PPV & FRA


Publications in peer reviewed journals

SDGs impacted

Agri-Biotech R&D Facility (Seeds), Bengaluru, Karnataka

Digitalisation priorities

Realigning and renewing IT systems to meet the evolving business needs

System simplification and creating synergistic platforms

Strengthening Cyber Security

Strengthening capabilities in data analytics

Theme-based initiatives at Mithapur to facilitate effective utilisation of inventory and streamlining logistics

Setting up Smart Labs with automation

Digitisation of the finance function


Strengthening Core IT for availability, reliability, security and optimising cost

Set-up of common team to service SAP support and IT Security across entities

Digitise all the functions

Our bimodal IT strategy

a) Core IT: To deliver predictable and consistent performance of IT systems

b) Business Enablement: Exploring and implementing multiple solutions to business problems leveraging digital solution

Key digital initiatives in FY 2019-20

Rolled out supplier collaboration and sourcing platform across group

Prepared IT Roadmap & Enterprise architecture to leverage industry standard digital technologies

Initiated work on Laboratory Information Management System (for R&D labs), Transportation / Dealer (at Rallis) / Human Resource Management System modules

Strengthening internal capability in digital and data analytics

Next level digitalisation

We have successfully piloted Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology for a few processes at Mithapur plant and are replicating it across other equipment and processes. The new Nutrition business Mambattu plant was designed with state-of-the-art digital systems that meet global quality standards. To evolve to an insightful organisation and unlock the power of data, a data maturity assessment was done; implementation of recommendations is underway.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a critical aspect. We are continually strengthening it through training, data loss prevention and war room exercises, etc.

Build Resilient Approach in Response to COVID-19 Epidemic [BRACE]

IT function is fully geared up for tackling the challenge of COVID-19. Employees are enabled to work from home securely. All the critical transactions including financial closures are completed without any challenge. IT roadmap has been revisited and projects are prioritised based on challenges and opportunities considering COVID-19 impact.

SDGs impacted

We are driving transformational change with IT to have smart factories, smart labs, smart offices along with a KPI-driven digital and insights mindset. This will create a digital and analytics led enterprise and will help us drive the productivity of various business functions. It will further aid in reimagining the business model for organisational transformation.

K. R. Venkatadri

Chief Innovation & Digital Officer

Innovation priorities

Progress on the R&D long-term plan

Drive synergies between all the R&D centres

Balance innovation focus with 70% business-led and 30% science-led projects

Build CoE to cater the computational and analytical requirements of R&D centres and enhance their efficiency

Acquire and develop technology from Indian academic ecosystem


Innovation leading to business growth through new products and new applications

Creating R&D infrastructure for new areas of business focus

Deployment of In-house developed technologies and products

Advancing technology in seed space

Healthier and beautiful smile

We successfully developed TAVERSIL A50, a specialty grade precipitated Silica that is used as an abrasive agent in toothpaste for better cleaning and polishing performance with tailormade abrasive properties. It also assists effective removal of pellicle film from teeth surface.

Making India healthier with fortified food

Malnutrition or lack of micronutrients is a key challenge in India. To address this issue, the FSSAI (through FFRC) has recommended fortification of common staple food items. While TCL has been at the forefront of this with its pioneering iodised salt, it has stepped up by developing food fortification premixes for all recommended categories. We have already launched micronutrient premixes for fortification of milk, oil, flour and rice.

How we are enhancing the performance of innovation function

Leveraging digital and analytics

Synergising competencies of the three R&D centres to work on cross-cutting opportunities

Hosting iNNCOTECH symposium to drive new ideas and promote thought leadership

Open Innovation with partnership by partnering global Research labs

S&G for prioritising and tracking progress of projects

Enhancing competencies of the scientists

Meeting customers to enhance end-customer need understanding

Strengthen IP strategy

We are focussed on developing sustainable and new technology solutions in line with the business strategy to benefit society and improve the Company competitive edge. This is being done through internal and external collaboration, focussing on creating platform technology competencies and improving innovation index for the Company.

K. R. Venkatadri

Chief Innovation & Digital Officer

Key initiatives / development FY 2019-20

Innovation Turnover Index (ITI) increased to over 16% in FY 2019-20 as compared to 10% in the previous year

Three new formulations launched - Zygant and Ayaan in Paddy and Sarthak in Potato and Chilli

Way forward

Evaluate technologies to improve competitiveness and differentiation

Enhance technology to improve success rate

Key initiatives / development FY 2019-20

Innovation has led to reduced use of fossil fuel

The seeds ITI showed a score of 12.6% during the year under review

Way forward

Attain leadership position in select crops and build opportunities in cotton

Advance technologies in the genetically modified space and build gene editing capabilities

Key initiatives / development FY 2019-20

Partnered with tyre companies for Silica application development

Commercialised new grades of Silica for garment and oral care applications

Internalised Lithium cell technology transferred from ISRO

Scientific support to new business

Staple food fortification Premixes

Ventured into skin domain (built new science)

Way forward

Leverage Indian academic ecosystem for technology acquisition and development

Commercialise in-house developed technologies

New products and applications in material science, nutrition and energy