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MD & CEO’s message

Dear Shareholders,

At the outset, I hope you and your family are safe. We are indeed living through very unusual times and your Company has faced the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic by immediately mobilising efforts to protect employees and our immediate communities.

R. Mukundan

Managing Director & CEO


Tata Chemicals felicitated with Asia’s Most Trusted Companies Award 2019. Ranked amongst the top 50 companies in Asia.

Tata Chemicals is the top ranked company in India’s top companies for CSR and sustainability.

Tata Chemicals Mambattu Plant receives IGBC Green Factory Gold Rating.

Tata Chemicals make this crisp featured in the top 10 Safe workplaces for women in India as per the nationwide survey on Safe Places to work conducted by Rainmaker.

Tata Chemicals honoured with CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2019. Ranked amongst top 25 innovative companies in India.

Tata Chemicals receives Responsible Care Certification from ICC for third year in a row.

Tata Chemicals wins prestigious Porter Prize.

... amongst many others!