Strengthening our People, Assets and Environmental Safety Practices

The safety of our people at all levels of operations is at the core of our human capital and it is closely tied to our sustainability and strong operational performance. Guided and governed by the Tata Code of Conduct, we have best practices and technologies that create a world-class workplace.

SDGs impacted

Safety Priorities and Goals

  • Reinforce safety leadership for achieving Target Zero Harm
  • Improved asset integrity programmes for safe work environment
  • Strengthen the safety risk assessment, audit and process safety management
  • Focus on lead indicators
  • Digitalisation of safety process and reporting for real-time adherence

Safety approach, governance and working structure

Zero Harm to People Reduces injuries to employees
Zero Harm to AssetsEnsures assets reliability and longevity
Zero Harm to EnvironmentEnvironment-friendly business practices

Achieved through robust governance

Board Level

(Board, SHESC, RMC, AC) Providing direction and guidance to the management for addressing safety implications and risks

Management Level

(MRC; Global Chemical Council; Risk Management Group; Business Council; Site Apex and Steering Committees)

Reviewing safety performance, risks and their mitigation plans, audit closure and improvement plans and key safety priorities

Working Committees & Line Functions

(Joint Safety; Departmental Safety and Office Safety Committees; all Line function including individual employees)

Implementation and adherence to safety requirement as per Management and Board guidance